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domestic bliss weekend

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I planned for a domestic bliss weekend (last weekend) since Kelsey will start with her classes next week and I also want to rest. I realized that it’s not that easy given my hectic schedule and my pile of stuff to finish.


I came home around 3am after the Ocean Jam concert. Woke up at 11am. I went home to Bulacan and picked Kelsey up. Then we rushed back to QC. Spent the afternoon trying to re-install editing softwares in our CPU. Failed. Tried again. Failed again. Bummer. I kinda gave up and started cooking for dinner instead. I cooked Sinigang na Baboy. 🙂 After dinner, Rap and Kate (friends from Dakila) asked if they could have a photoshoot in our unit. We said yes.


I looove the photos and the concept of course. 🙂 BUT the shoot lasted till 2AM. Needless to say, Kelsey was already very sleepy even before they finished. Kelsey slept right after they packed-up. Monique and I watched DVDs till around 4am.


Monique and I woke up around 10am. We decided to drop by National/Crossings Q.Ave to look for stores in the area that are selling software installers. Unsuccessful. Apparently, the CD store in Tropical Hut is no longer there. We decided to eat out instead. Oh, I just love the tapa flakes from Tapa King. It was my first time to try it and now I’m already craving for it. Yumyumyum! Kelsey had tocilog and Monique had a healthy sandwich from Subway (health conscious attack).


After eating, we went window shopping at Crossings (my first time there). Mon and I often shop in Crossings Trinoma and I really love their wide selection of vintage shoes. Even Kelsey was drooling with the shoes she saw.


I did not find a lot of nice shoes there. Tsk. But I found a lot of nice furniture. Now, I’m really excited about re-arranging/re-decorating our unit asap. After our window shopping spree, we went to the grocery for food security and toiletries (semi) hoarding. I finally bought a pair of bedroom slippers for our QC unit, yey! We went home after that. Just in time before the rain poured. We played charades when we got home. Fun fun fun. Laugh trip. 🙂

But my domestic weekend did not stop there. Monique asked me to clean our electric fan and to wash some of our clothes. Now that’s what I call domestic weekend overload. After accomplishing those tasks, I had a very relaxing bath and treated myself with 2 glasses of beer. 🙂

I tried re-installing softwares again, this time with The Doors music playing on the background. Installation: SUCCESSFUL. Playing The Doors while re-installing somehow helped. I believed that the songs I played made our PC lucid therefore making it succumb to the process. Or am I just lucky today?

Then I prepared dinner (Adobo for Kelsey and Adobo pasta for Monique).

I started capturing 10 tapes after. Monique and I watched DVDs again before we slept. Hmm. Tiring and hectic but definitely worth it.

Looking forward to yet another domestic bliss weekend with my babies. 🙂


Just one more CD to burn and I’m off to dreamland. Had a short nap earlier, but of course that isn’t enough. I’m awake for 20 hours and counting. Posting this photo to show my gratitude to the higher being above that keeps me looking young and fresh despite being deprived of sleep.

(CherryRed’s just-got-out-of-bed-straight-to-very-early-shoot-I-don’t-want-makeup-and-I-don’t-even-want-to-apply-eyeliner-today photo. Photo by Monique Laurel, taken last Friday at Ocean Jam)

Yup, I don’t like make-up. Monique even has more makeup than I do.:)) I only use loose rice powder and black eyeliner for semi-special days, and loose rice powder + super dark black eyeliner +  black & white (smoky eyes effect) eye shadow for special days. For super duper special days, I use my “special days” make up + lip stick (I also go for the wild haute couture eye shadow sometimes when I’m not too lazy). The photo above was taken from a semi-ordinary shooting day, so I did not use any make up. More sleep for younger skin. Sleep starts now.

Good morning people. Good night earth.

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Oh yes. Date an unnecessarily verbose girl, a girl who reads, a girl who’s deep and different. Reposting this from Mich Rama (who reposted this from her brother). Nice one.

All Kinds of Awesome

Date a girl who is particularly loquacious with a vocabulary far broader than your own. One who loses you with her way with words. That way you do not have to pretend that you don’t understand what she’s talking about because you actually don’t.

Meet her in the best-lit corner of that niche-y hole in the wall coffee shop/used book store/art gallery after open-mic def poetry Thursday. And when you find her buried unwarily behind her Mac, come up to her with a pick-up line that is cleverer than the Facebook status that she just updated. And with that your souls are intertwined with a connection that doesn’t need Wi-Fi.

Take her home in your car with a stereo iPod port and dazzle her with the number of obscure artists on your favorite “weary day” playlist. And by the time you’ve finished arguing about who the better Murakami is, you…

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Thanks to Ayeen, who came in late to our scheduled 8am meeting for Active Vista Film Festival. 🙂 For several days, we at Dakila are joking about this. We are cool artists (self proclaimed?) and are not used to early meetings like this. I can still remember our meetings before that would start at 9pm and end at around 2am.

A dare was raised last night – whoever comes late will treat everyone. Monique and I had an unfair advantage because we live at the same building as Dakila’s office. Rap, the usual late comer, who usually shows up 3-5 hours late, made a wise move of sleeping here last night (make that staying instead of sleeping, apparently he did not sleep last night). I personally thought that no one would be late. Leni lives here (in the same building) too. The others are almost always on time and Rap is here. In an unexpected turn of events, Ayeen was late. Yes, the same girl who said “alam mo ang pinaka-hate ko talaga ung late eh. as in galit na galit ako sa taong late. palagi pa naman akong on time.”

Hence, the happiest frappuccino happy hour day. Ayeen is still lucky because her treat was just in time for the Frap happy hour promo.

It’s just a bummer that the straws are not enough for all the drinks. I had to drink my frap from the cup. I enjoyed it though. Yummy yummy whipped cream.

And my last words… Got Straw?

*Frappuccino happy hour is a promo of Starbucks, all Mondays of May, 2-5pm. 50% off on all Starbucks Frappuccino drinks. 

busy bee

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I am exemplifying the word busy today. I am busy in every sense of the word.

Videos to edit, layouts to revise, videos to edit, videos to edit, blah blah blah. The list goes on. Of course I would still have to fulfill my at least one post for a day commitment to myself. There are posts lined up, I’m just finding time to write them without being distracted with other things. And I will be literally  internally reprimanding myself for every minute that passes before I get to post those entries.

By the way, last night I proved how powerful a blog post is. My invite for Noel Cabangon’s concert is effective. My friends rushed to the gig and gave Noel chocolates for me. Thank you Rad and Rusty! I’ll definitely see you guys again in SG and I’m looking forward to your visit here on June and August. 🙂

Posting blogs has also affected me in terms of setting deadlines or things to do for myself. In fact, the blog I posted about my cover photo inspired me to color my hair (I was terribly bored with my current hairdo). Now my hair is pink. Uh-huh!

More blog posts. More blog posts. More blog posts.

Posted this earlier on Facebook: “Off to Singapore, our DVDs. Lah lah lah.”

Of course, my very good friend from SG, Rad Jacinto, was the first to react. So what’s up with that status?

Noel Cabangon, a good friend of ours (and a famous Filipino musician) has a scheduled gig in Singapore. He told me about a book that featured one of his songs and he wanted the pages of the book projected on screen as he plays. He asked me and Monique to make that video background for his gig. And so we did. Last night, he dropped by our place to pick up the DVDs. He left for Singapore this morning. Hence, my status update. Yeah, the DVDs we made are going to SG. 🙂

By the way, Noel’s gig is scheduled tonight. Here are the details:

To my friends in SG, you might want to drop by and chill while Noel serenades you with his hits (and yes, enjoy a Sunday Pinoy night). Or you can also give him Kinder Joy eggs or Daim chocolates and ask him to give it to me. Sige na please. 🙂


simple joys

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I’m just happy with my profile picture and cover photo in Facebook. 🙂

Cover photo – Jim Morrison lying on the stage

Profile pic – Photo of me looking up (photo taken by my cool kid Kelsey). I had to flip the photo though to make the concept work (if you can notice, my “Break on Through” tattoo is flipped). Oh, seeing this photo made me miss my old wild hairdo. Yes, I am bored with my hair. Pfft.

Profile pic & cover photo bliss. Another simple joy brought to me by Facebook. (Aside from less painstaking stalker moments, grammatical error infested posts laugh trips and the like.)