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And Grohl is singing her for me and it’s worse that he’s not even screaming. It’s his voice sounding almost subdued, pleading over the panicked music: “Breathe out so I can breathe you in.”

And the throb is excruciating as he goes on and on.

And the most exciting point I ever got to was never saying “when.” Just seeing how far someone can go, will go…before they come back. And he’s giving voice to it all. I never said “when” to her.

And if she came back I’d do it again. I’d never say stop. Cuz now somehow I have to say good-bye every fuckin’ day I don’t take her in me.

Every day I have to remember the bodies around me, her body…And that I do actually know to say “when” and mean it. And how still as old as I will ever get…way past outgrowing the dentist for low-down, dirty drug abusers…as grown up as you ever think I am…all it takes is to hear “Everlong” and I know, I’m still calling out to her, still hoping she will somehow come and it will all be…fixed.

“Hello I’ve waited here for you. Everlong…..”



This is from the book Lit Riffs (which even features stories based on Highway to Hell by ACDC, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley and MORE!!!)

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Your Voice

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I sometimes wonder how you do it

You are always so alive and yet so dead


How does your voice cave in too much anger and loneliness,

and still sound so good?

If only listening can be equivalent to embracing your pain and touching your wounds


Your sadness, your life, your songs

We celebrate and sing along to your pain

Zoning out

Floating in mid-air

Dancing to tunes of regret and hopelessness

And we feel so fucking alive




dengue shit

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kung kailan ko pa iniiwasang makagat, saka pa nakasimple

ang lintik na lamok

kagat ng lamok sa mukha, sa tenga, sa talampakan

kagat ng lamok kung saan saan

hindi naman dapat magpapantal, pero makati

kaya kinamot ko


kati kati kati

ang hirap tiisin, kinamot ko ng kinamot

minsan hanggang sa pagtulog

minsan hindi ko na alam

aba even in my subconscious i was scratching the motherfucking itch

hanggang dumami na ng dumami ang maliliit na mga pantal


nawawala yung pantal pero lumalamat ang peklat


katatapos lang kasi ng tag-ulan

ilang sunod-sunod na bagyo

maraming naipong mga tubig

ilang drum ng mga alaala


andun lang, nag-iipon ng dumi

wala namang buting idinudulot

pero nakakatamad itapon


hindi ako tinablan ng virus

pero andito pa rin ang lahat ng lamat ng mga kagat

kasamang maiipon ng bagong maduming tubig

na pamamahayan ng mga bagong kiti-kiti


Typically, people infected with dengue virus are asymptomatic (80%) or only have mild symptoms such as an uncomplicated fever. Others have more severe illness (5%), and in a small proportion it is life-threatening.



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