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snapping back

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

swayed by a stranger. dropped my guard because of a voice that felt like cradle.

my foundation was rocked and as i allowed myself to be deafened by a noise i could not control, i knew there were things slipping off my hands like fine sand. they say you can find yourself at the ocean when you feel lost. i can just imagine the crashing of the waves and the tiny drops of water rushing to wet my feet first. i can feel the warmth of the sun trying to melt the ice that has been devouring me.

did we build a castle of sand not thinking of the waves that will come to hit it? did our hands bruise forming the walls to our kingdom? did our world become a dungeon that we eventually wanted to escape? did the surrender come with a ball and chain? when did happiness become boring? when did i become too exhausted to admit guilt?

i have always been a raging sea and you a storm who claims me whenever i forget. i ¬†always thought i’m the drug, the antidote to your woes. i was wrong. you are a¬†golden anchor tying this restless ship to sanity. thank you.

no i need not go to the sea anymore just to find myself.

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