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“It sucks that we are both storytellers but our story should never be known to anyone.”

“That’s what metaphors are for. May laro tayo mula ngayon.”


“Mula ngayon mag-uusap tayo na mga metapora lang ang gamit. Magtitinginan lang tayo kung may lente sa pagitan.”


CherryRed 102715



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it might not be a a sin per se
you are the smash cut in this film
a poetically artful addiction
and i was hooked on the anachronism of the whole scenario
and that when things appear to be anamorphic,
someone might be there to hold my hand

i wish i could be the narrator with an omniscient point-of-view
and so we toast to happiness
we raise our glasses and finish our drinks while laughing about the stupid things we did before
of crazy shit situations we survived, of grudge fucks and heartbreaks and tears that dried up on our faces
we laugh at our sight-gags and slurred words
and realise that the world is not that complicated after all

“roman a clef”
we are fictional characters and i am waiting for the big reveal

sometimes it feels like making beautiful new memories while overcranking thousands of money shots
just so we can playback a very lovely slow motion of studied juxtaposed climactic scenes

i choose to believe we are two crazy split-reels
that would give the moviegoers a really good time

Cherry Red [edited 100715]

isang munting pitik ng anghang
ang yumugyog
at sumilip sa bintana ang isang palaisipan
inulan ng nyebe ang maghapong noo’y nag-aalab
may isang pirasong buhok ang nalagas
nahulog sa tahimik na tubig
ngunit wala ni isang nakapansin
kalabog sa natutulog na pagkatao
kalabit panggising sa tahimik na pananatili
hinihilang pabalik ang tumalikod
kinakatok ang nagsara nang pinto

CherryRed 100415