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Posted: February 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

i don’t know when it started. i used to have really sharp memory. i would always remember the details. but it’s different now. i am getting bad at names. i am getting bad at details and this frustrates me a lot.

i used to remember measurements and dates and colors significant to a moment but it’s becoming a struggle now.

i noticed how you always mention my name in every sentence. are you forgetful too? are you trying to make yourself remember whatever you’re forgetting whenever you are saying my name?

if i had the memory i had before, i’d remember the times my name came out of your mouth. or the way your eyes squint, the minutes we let our eyes did the talking. and the second your skin brushed against mine.

sometimes i dream about us forgetting our names, leaving them behind, and running away.


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